I am l-2105. Milan is my adopted city. I’m a nomad at heart and I love travelling.

I love beauty, dark green, red wine and the sea. Twenty years of big companies and traditional jobs, but constantly seeking for originality in every single thing. Today I am reinventing myself with passion and creativity. I scrutinize the world searching for women who are artisans, entrepreneurs; women who are inventive; women who have a project, a dream, an inspiration to present here.

The significance of Woman to Woman is endless. It’s a message that has got a powerful calling, that encourages women to express themselves with passion, love, joy, gratitude and anything their hearts want. It’s the celebration of the talent that every woman has.

With l-2105 handicraft moulds a new elegance, it harmoniously combines the beauty of design with traditions from around the world, it creates an authenticity that cannot be reproduced. Peculiar items and projects made with love, from the heart, from woman to woman.