live well and you will change times

I don't know how to judge men's fashion.

Let me explain, I know perfectly well what I like to see worn by a man of any age, but I absolutely don't know how to evaluate the fashion shows, the degree of innovation, the portability and all the other variables. Apart of course King George where in addition to the garments worn I would also give 10 to all the wearers 😉 ... I can tell you yes, that the Louis Vuitton show in Paris, the last one Virgil Abloh was working on was beautiful ( you have to watch it ) for the show the orchestra, the dancers, the location ... because I can't interpret them. Maybe because I am open to the new and to the beautiful, but I still remain convinced that there is a reason that the only jewels that good taste has granted to men were cufflinks and watches and that a man should only need a beautiful shirt and a hat ... But here we could open different meanders on the bon ton, also on the evaluations of the "wearable", the ugly and the beautiful, taking a cue from crocs by Balenciaga , but it is a very large topic which deserves further study and I don't want to go into it now.

On the other hand, it's different for women's fashion that drives me crazy, and I must say that I understand it, I can evaluate the quality of the materials, I can understand if it has been designed to make a showcase and a sensation or designed to be worn by everyone, if a garment it will be instagrammable and desired by all influencers or aspiring ones, if it will be used by stylists or it will be destined only to the parallel, in short, I have made a great culture I have read and reread observed and looked and I take it. The #MFW ended a few days ago and thanks to the increase in vaccines and the decrease in cases, a sparkling air was breathed, sometimes excessive and ostentatious creativity ran on the street, but which tried to bring a good mood in a moment which has returned to being dark and sad. Many have criticized all this swarming, but #MFW and fashion are an important pillar of the economy and they really employ thousands of people (let's not just think of pure insiders such as seamstresses or models, but also of everything around ... hotels, restaurants, bars, taxi drivers, drivers, couriers, hairdressers, make-up artists and many others) so it would not have been easy to cancel or suppress such an event. I looked for inspiration, I'm working hard on the products that will come out this spring, but also on ideas for next autumn / winter; scarves and sweatshirts in a few weeks they will go to rest and together with embroidered t-shirts, Friulian, bags and jewels you will find all the news… are you curious? I only tell you that we will fully embrace spring and summer. So I suggest you subscribe to the newsletter so as to receive the discount 10% on the first order, you will always be updated on all the news.

But back to Fashion week, what did I like? The soundtracks of some fashion shows in my opinion memorable (to make us a playlist), but the silence of Giorgio Armani then it's been stronger than all. The embrace of Marco Rambaldi with Pierpaolo Piccioli or Sweet Dreams by the Eurythmics sung by the group of choristers" models for a day "for Cormio, inside the Casa Cardinal Ildefonso Schuster (place where I highly recommend you to go, to attend one of the various candlelit concerts).


And fashion, well I've seen some spectacular pieces. N ° 21 practically everything, thanks to Alessandro dell'Acqua's ability to put fashion at the service of women, as an instrument of expression, but without ever dominating it; the FENDI denim dress with coordinated bag (and oh well also the rest of the collection); the Des Phemmes skirts; the Mary Jane with plateau by Bottega Veneta; the colors arrived directly from the 1970s in Cormio; transparent Prada skirts paired with sweaters, jackets and impressive coats; Jil Sander with all his shoes, gloves and handbags and consequently also the sartorial precision of Calcaterra and then if you happen to see also the Peter Do fashion show in New York with his style bordering on grunge. < / p>         

Beyond what I loved, I can certainly say that the macro trends were clearly two: the slightly more aggressive one between transparencies, very deep slits and important shoulder pads proclaimed by the more traditional brands, with a level of highest product excellence and the most peaceful, colorful and I would add daily that the most independent brands have carried out, proclaiming the sometimes less perfect craftsmanship of the garments ... and here without controversy I close with a consideration: it is certainly easier to survive if you have the strength to saturate the market with easily understandable trends, more difficult to resist and survive for independent fashion that carries forward its individuality, for this reason we should be able to resist and recognize the uniqueness and values ​​of things, in fashion and also in everything else.

And then what to say, that unfortunately we are in the midst of another period of those that takes away your enthusiasm and leaves you with a heavy heart, so I leave you with this phrase of St. Ambrose, as a warning ... how exhortation ...

„You think: times are bad, times are tough, times are difficult. Live well and you will change times. "