I don't like the word "sale"

Coco Chanel colei che cambiò il modo di vestire e di pensare delle donne

I don’t like the word “sales”

I’m not the kind of person who goes hunting for sales, perhaps because I don’t like the idea of hoarding a thousand different items just because they are cheap. I prefer channelling my resources into few, unique pieces, when I want to and feel the need to. There is clearly no logic in this need, since it’s personal and it doesn’t depend on the number of items of clothing or shoes in the wardrobe; we all have thought “a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear”, and the number is much closer to 52 in a year than 1 in a lifetime. I don’t let myself get dragged by the unhealthy idea of buying anything just because I see the price crossed out: the sad consequence would be regretting it the second I put down the bags on my doorstep. Instead, I go searching for that unique piece, that I don’t always find but that makes me extremely happy (because it’s unique and not something ordinary just presented in a different way), because it gives me that extra touch I was missing. That’s why I decided not to put flat discounts on all of my products, but rather to encourage those who can’t decide to buy specific items, and then make room for the new arrivals in spring. The scarves and some bag models become objects of desire… and besides incentivizing to buy them, I thought that it would also be a good idea to suggest how to match them. I let anything inspire me: not only magazines and icons from the past, but also the people I see in the streets, the latest TV series in my TO DO LIST (no, not LUPIN, I meant THE UNDOING), but also the timeless (in my opinion) Carrie Bradshaw: "I like my money right where I can see it, hanging in my closet." And then I dare, again and again, because I like to experiment by revealing my rock ‘n’ roll nature that loves to match a tulle skirt with combat boots under a delicate, elegant cardigan and a sartorial coat. What I suggest to you: scarves… because I haven’t been this cold for almost 30 years, when I used to stay in line outside the disco without my jacket on so that I wouldn’t have to use the cloakroom. Scarves complete any look (and mine even more), you can also wear them at home with a pair of cigarette trousers and a soft sweater, while working remotely or enjoying your coffee and newspaper on a Saturday morning, or as a substitute for the collar of your oversized coat to deal with the 0° these days. And then the bags: vintage, unique, handmade, all different from one another, to match with a dash of irreverence - by refusing the idea that we need a special occasion - to wear with a pair of jeans and an oversized sweater, with a shirt dress and a pair of boots or a masculine cut jacket. So let your creativity run wild because we should do our thing, and search, because it constantly stimulates our minds and it keeps us active, and then find what we like best, because it brings joy to the heart. Now enjoy your shopping and that cup of tea you made for yourselves, it’s getting cold.